CharruaPACS - CS011 - PACS Server

CharruaPACS is an easy to install and maintain PACS server, with auto-routing capabilities. Now with FDA 510k Clearance!
It supports the following DICOM Services:
  • DICOM C-STORE SCP for most used SOP classes, with uncompressed Transfer Syntax and JPEG lossless, JPEG lossy and JPEG 2000 Transfer Syntaxes.
  • C-FIND and C-MOVE SCP Study Root model.
  • C-ECHO Verification as SCP.
It is composed of four applications:
  1. Admin: it is used for the initial configuration and for Backup-Restore.
  2. CharruaPACS: is the multi-threaded PACS server
  3. Webserver: is a WEB server that allows to change CharruaPACS configuration and to access images through a web browser.
  4. Client: is a HTTP protocol DICOM viewer with complete processing capabilities.
CP Basic version uses a SQLite database engine
CP Advanced version uses PostgreSQL database and has a Worklist Server included. Download CP Advanced Brochure


Webserver for DCM4CHEE: We have a WADO Client for DCM4CHEE in development, if you are interested write to us: