Author Topic: CharruaPACS advanced V6.28 - New Release!  (Read 5136 times)


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CharruaPACS advanced V6.28 - New Release!
« on: February 16, 2016, 07:47:02 PM »
Is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce the release of CharruaPACS advanced 6.28.

In this new version we have made the following upgrades from last version:
·       Version 64 bits: updated external libraries to 64 bits.
·         Version 64 bits: new protection system for the 64 bits version which doesn´t allow Windows Server serial number to change. It also includes a text with fingerprint and a “cp_register.txt” file for licenses.
·        PACS: the number of simultaneous stores in auto-route can be configured to optimize bandwidth.

·        PACS: memory used by the PACSService is logged.

o       Added the FilterWLByStationAET option.

o       Added the option to accept empty Patient ID o Patient Name on the DICOM Store SCP.

o       Option to accept different Patient ID o Patient Name for the same Study Instance UID.

o       Limit the number of results of the Q/R, so that the Server doesn´t collapse, this limit can be configured in the setup. 

·         WEB Server: Can work with different languages.
·         WEB Server: Now it has the option to enable/disable authentication.
·        WEB: the query results are shown on the same page where the query is made.
·        WEB: the “Status” information is now in “Setup”

·        WEB: Option to send 1 Series only in Store SCU.

·        WEB: Option to delete a single Series from the Autorouting Queue.

·        WEB: Shows the status of the series, on the auto-route, sending, etc...

·        Worklist: now it shows the appointment status and allows to edit and/or erase any entry.


We would like to have your feedback on this new version, in case of updating an old installation, please contact us for the correct upgrade procedure.