PrintSCP - CS010 - DICOM Print Server

PrintSCP can replace Film printing with Windows paper printing. Providing patients and referring physicians with hardcopies of their studies
is no longer onerous.

PrintSCP is a DICOM Print Server; it receives images from DICOM modalities and prints them in a Windows paper printer. It is a high quality DICOM printing solution that can render photographic quality Color or Grayscale images on paper.

PrintSCP can handle multiple simultaneous associations. It has an extensive calibration process that allows matching precisely Display Monitor and Paper Printout for each Modality. The printed page header and footer can be customized with the client’s name and logo. It also has the True Size print option.

The new PrintSCP version adds the following features:

  • True Size Printing.
  • Presentation LUT support.
  • DICOM Store server.
  • JPEG output.

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