Free Tools

Free Tools

TestSCU: is a tool for testing and troubleshooting DICOM communications.

The software acts as a DICOM SCU (Service Class User) and is able to perform the following services:

  • Echo-Verification.
  • Store.
  • Query-Find
  • Query-Worklist.
  • Print.

SendSCU: is for sending multiple images from a folder to a remote DICOM server using the DICOM Store SCU service.
sendscu link

PrintSCU: is command line tool for sending JPEG or Bitmap images to a DICOM Laser film Printer.
printscu link

WatchDog: DICOM Watchdog is a monitoring application that sends DICOM echo-verification messages to remote servers, in case one of them does not answer it will send an e-mail alarm to a list of pre-defined Contacts.
watchdog link

WADO Client: view images from any WADO compliant PACS with minimum configuration. No need for static IPs or any configuration setup on the PACS side. It can use both full DICOM and JPEG images.
WADO link

Lite Viewer: for including in DICOM CD/DVD. It will list all studies within the media and open them with a complete DICOM viewer, with zoom, pan, window/level, measure tools.
Lite Viewer link

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