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We are working hard in order to achieve de ISO 13485 Certification

Stay tuned!!

Is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce the release of CharruaPACS advanced 6.28.

In this new version we have made the following upgrades from last version:
·       Version 64 bits: updated external libraries to 64 bits.
·         Version 64 bits: new protection system for the 64 bits version which doesn´t allow Windows Server serial number to change. It also includes a text with fingerprint and a “cp_register.txt” file for licenses.
·        PACS: the number of simultaneous stores in auto-route can be configured to optimize bandwidth.

·        PACS: memory used by the PACSService is logged.

o       Added the FilterWLByStationAET option.

o       Added the option to accept empty Patient ID o Patient Name on the DICOM Store SCP.

o       Option to accept different Patient ID o Patient Name for the same Study Instance UID.

o       Limit the number of results of the Q/R, so that the Server doesn´t collapse, this limit can be configured in the setup. 

·         WEB Server: Can work with different languages.
·         WEB Server: Now it has the option to enable/disable authentication.
·        WEB: the query results are shown on the same page where the query is made.
·        WEB: the “Status” information is now in “Setup”

·        WEB: Option to send 1 Series only in Store SCU.

·        WEB: Option to delete a single Series from the Autorouting Queue.

·        WEB: Shows the status of the series, on the auto-route, sending, etc...

·        Worklist: now it shows the appointment status and allows to edit and/or erase any entry.


We would like to have your feedback on this new version, in case of updating an old installation, please contact us for the correct upgrade procedure.


Windows Service can’t access mapped network drives. The reason is that the Windows Service starts before any user is logged in, and the mapped network drives depend on the logged user.
An alternative is to use the full UNC path, (\\Server\share\path\to\file.ext). For this to work the Service has to logon as a specific user.
The procedure for setting Log on credentials for a Windows Service is the following:
1. Run the Services console.
2. Select the Windows Service and right click on it.
3. Select Properties, go to LogOn tab.
4. Select “This account” and enter user/pass for the computer Administrator.
5. Select OK and restart the service.

Hope that this info is usefull for you

charruasoft team


Para poder lograr el correcto ruteo de los estudios es necesario configurar las siguientes opciones en el flujo de trabajo:

1.   Worklist, en el lugar del Institution Name debe ir una expresión que identifique al cliente remoto.
2.   Se debe establecer una VPN (Red privada virtual) con el PACS del cliente remoto.
3.   Desde el CharruaPACS se genera una regla de auto-ruteo que envié los estudios recibidos al PACS remoto.
4.   En la configuración de usuario del AET es necesario configurar el filtro Institution Name con el mismo texto que se usó en el Institution Name.
5.   Como alternativa y en caso en que el cliente remoto no cuente con un PACS o no sea posible la conexión VPN, se puede utilizar un StoreSCP (ver el link más abajo), para que reciba los estudios enviados por la regla de auto-ruteo y almacenarlos en un directorio.

(StoreSCP =

Thank you Martieen for sharingyour experience with all of us.
We really appreciate it!

Kind regards,

CharruaSoft team

Is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce the releases of JPEG2Dicom 2.5.0. and DOC2DICOM 3.0

On these new versions we have corrected some bugs and made changes in order to ensure an

improved user experience.

It is important to point out that the new releases looks are very similar to the previous one and its

functionality is almost the same, so users will find it easy to adapt to the new releases while

enjoying its improvements.


We would like to have your feedback on these new versions, in case of updating an old installation,

please contact us for the correct upgrade procedure.


Some users have informed that when they update de Windows version to Windows 10 CharruaSoft stops working owing to the IP changing.
Please communicate with Charrua beofre upgrading Windows in order to avoid any inconvenience.


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